Tom sue feat. n!klas

17.05.2018 - Record Release

trias #002 - "black oak" - EP

Tom Sue, N!klas, Der Tietz, Der Schmeisser, Der Förkerich

Artwork by sculptor Florian Lechner


Music Video "Black Oak"/ Art Film "Schwarz"

Felix Kruis Film "Schwarz" is a artificially kind of criminal Horror, to be shown at international Film festivals this year. It features the track "Black Oak" by Tom Sue feat. N!klas, having the cast shouting the lyrics of the song and having the cast also recorded and used in the song. An edit of the Film and also extra scenes will be released as the official music video for "Black Oak".



good oiled stuff

short infos

Tom Sue feat N!klas

After years of valuable experience they felt ready to use the good vibes & friendship to create a new sound monster // Tom Sue on hardware and N!klas on the mics // collapse bluesless rap on house music tunes to go // all in all LIVE!  


17.May.2018 New Release - Black Oak EP (TomSue feat. N!klas) on Trias Records (incl. Der Tietz, Der Schmeisser, Der Förkerich RMX)

29thJan.2016 Release - Way Back EP (TomSue feat. Niklas) on Rotfenstermusik (incl. Bedrud and Giese&Paris Haze RMX)

Nov.2015 Release - Arctic Talk (TSFNL) for (with Trentemøller)



pictures by Michael McKee. around the studios inner city and wild countryside


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