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tom sue feat. n!klas

- DEAR LOVERS, SRY FOR beeing off such a long time. N!klas needs to protect his ears cause of a constant “peep”! we want to say thank you for your trust, massiv nights and amazing moments-you are the best!!! further releases and shows are now on - Triasrecords.com - much love and dont forget to protect your ears!

tom sue feat. n!klas


An electronic live act from Munich and Barcelona // Tom Sue is an experienced artist and producer and stands for dark minimal house and techno music. (Mike Oldfield, Akkordarbeit, Universal Music) With his hybrid live set of analog synths and controllers, the self produced tracks appear on stage always in different ways and arrangements // N!klas loves to use his voice as sound source. Through various effects and loopers he builds up a wall of sound and completes it with lead vocals // After some past dates, e.g. Salon Wilde Renate, Rote Sonne, Kater Blau, ARM or Das Werk, they consistently work on future releases and looking forward to their next tour in May2018


photos by Michael McKee


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by Tom Sue feat N!klas

PRESS PLAY for a little dip what we did past days 

Tom sue feat n!klas

Live at BASSart Festival / Munich / ger


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