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tom sue feat. n!klas

- NEW Release "Black Oak" EP - 17.05.2018 -

tom sue feat. n!klas


A spaced out house duo is playing live // collapse bluesless rap on housemusic tunes to go // Tom & Nik are not really greenhorns in music biz // Tom Sue worked with many artists, Mike Oldfield being a highlight, played lots of concerts in Europe with his band Splendid. In 2006 he founded the studio Akkordarbeit and since is producing music and sound design for moving pictures and interactive media. // N!klas aka Nikdance feels at home on decks between Berlin, Munich and Vienna, as a member of the label Vorsicht Glas!. He was part of the legendary K&K Monarchy partys and made music for the theater crew WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet in 2014. Highlights have been die Brunft-tour or T.T.& T. at Fusion festival. // Now they felt ready to use the  good vibes & friendship and those years of valuable experience to create a new soundmonster // In 2016 their first release "WayBack" EP was coming out // Some past dates have been e.g. BASSart Festival, Salon Wilde Renate, Rote Sonne, Kater Blau, ARM or Das Werk // Tom Sue with hardware and N!klas on the mics, all in all LIVE!   


photos by Michael McKee


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by Tom Sue feat N!klas

PRESS PLAY for a little dip what we did past days 

Tom sue feat n!klas

Live at BASSart Festival / Munich / ger


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